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We're a creative design agency that gets excited about.

We design, host and maintain websites and blogs for our clients

We help our clients market their products and services more effectively

We handle the brand building aspect of our clients businesses so that they can focus on growing their business.


We help small businesses compete against the big companies online

Auffligen is a next generation digital agency that provides top class all-in-one online marketing, design and brand building solutions for Small Businesses and Startups.

We believe that online marketing and brand building should not be limited to big companies. Small businesses and startups also have the right to build an awesome online presence. 

You are the underdogs and we are your sidekick.


We consider ourselves to be the sidekicks of the underdogs

The name Auffligen [Pronounced as : off, li as in lint, ghen as in Ghent] is a modified form of the German word Auffliegen which means To Fly Up.

Being internet addicts we knew the power and scale of the internet. But sadly, the power of internet is not still accessible to everyone except the giant corporations. With the aim of leveraging the power of internet equally to both the big and small business alike, we offer a multitude of services to cater the needs of all types of businesses and startups to help you grow.

Our Mission

Auffligen’s mission is to make online branding easy and accessible to every small business and startup irrespective of their age or budget.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every entrepreneur can utilize their time to grow their business instead of wasting hours trying to build an online brand.

Why Choose Us?

Auffligen is an all-in-one done for you branding service. Which means you never have to worry about your company’s online brand. We will handle your social media profiles, post regular updates, interact with your customers, blog about your business and/or niche, build a professionally designed beautiful website and much more.

We know that building a successful business takes a lot of effort. But building an online brand image for your business takes a lot more.

Big corporations with an enormous online brand image will often have a dedicated social media and PR team who manage the company’s public image. This team of experts carefully construct and mold a positive public perception for the business and it’s products and services. 

If you are just starting a business or run a small or medium size business, it is not always practical to hire and manage a team of Social Media and PR experts. The cost of hiring a team and managing them will put a dent on your profit and time.

But, you could always go the low cost route of doing it all by yourself. 

If you are someone who is an active user of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you won’t find it difficult to start a Facebook page or Twitter account for your business. You can update your company social media accounts and interact with your followers all by yourself.

According a recent study, most successful online brands post at least once a day on Facebook, Tweet 3 times a day, post at least one image on Instagram per day and share one post on LinkedIn daily. All these updates while running a business would be a piece of cake for you, right?

We have seen a lot of businesses and startups fail even though they had a great product or service. The reason why they failed is because nobody knew about their product. The biggest example is the iPod killer from Microsoft called Zune. Very few people know this product ever existed. 

Then there are downright weird products like Pet Rock which became a success only because of the power of marketing.

When you are handling both the business part and the branding part of your company, it can end up being overwhelming. You can often forget or fail to share content on social media or miss the grievance of an unhappy fan. People are more likely to vent online when they have a bad experience with a product or service than posting about an awesome customer experience.  A single online bad review can undo the value of 40 good customer reviews. 

This is where we come in. We unburden you, by handling your company’s brand building process and managing your social media profiles. We update them regularly and interact with your fans and answer their queries.

We understand the need to maintain a constant brand voice through out all your social media profiles. So we make sure the brand tone, color and theme are same everywhere.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.